Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 3.760.172 (33.)
Tribe: DEATH

Villages (2) Coordinates Points
Barbarian village
480|539 1.874
478|511 9.833
Personal text
I don’t know who you are.
I don’t know what you want.
If you are looking for resources,
I can tell you I don’t have recourses.
But what I do have are a very particular set of skills,
skills I have acquired over a very long career.
Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
If you let my village be,
that’ll be the end of it.
I will not look for you,
I will not pursue you.
But if you don’t,
I will look for you,
I will find you,
I will take you.

Victory achievements
Winning Tribe

You vanquished World 35 with your tribe High Quality Bashing.

Milestone achievements
Conqueror (Level 1)

You were the first to own 2 villages

Daily achievements
2x Attacker of the day

Defeat the most units in this world as the attacker.

Best result: on 01.07.2019 (33.975 units)

1x Great power of the day

Conquer the most villages in this world.

Best result: on 25.06.2019 (8 villages)

1x Supporter of the day

Defeat the most units in this world as a supporter.

Best result: on 24.04.2019 (699 units)

Combat achievements
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)

While supporting other villages, lose 100.000 of your units.

Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)

Plunder resources from other villages 10.000 times.

Leader (Silver - Level 3)

Defeat a total of 1.000.000 enemy units.

Robber (Silver - Level 3)

Loot a total of 1.000.000 resources.

The Warlord (Silver - Level 3)

Attack 100 different players

Conquest (Bronze - Level 2)

Conquer a total of 50 villages.

Nobles Faith (Bronze - Level 2)

Defeat 25 noblemen in battle.

Reliable Commander (Bronze - Level 2)

Support other players 100 times in battles.

Scout Hunter (Bronze - Level 2)

Defeat 50 scouting attacks.

Self-attack (Bronze - Level 2)

Attack yourself and lose more than 100 units in one battle.

Successful noble claims (Bronze - Level 2)

Conquer 25 claimed villages.

Wallbreaker (Bronze - Level 2)

Destroy 250 Wall levels using your rams.

Demolisher (Wood - Level 1)

Destroy 25 building levels using catapults.

Master of the Battlefield (Wood - Level 1)

Completely destroy 25 hostile armies.


Conquer yourself, because that's the only way to show them who's boss.

Unlucky fellow

Fail to conquer a village due to the loyalty only being reduced to +1.

Social achievements
Beloved Friend (Bronze - Level 2)

Make a total of 15 friendships.

Brothers in Arms (Bronze - Level 2)

Be a member of the same tribe for 60 consecutive days.

The mentor (Wood - Level 1)

As a mentor, train 1 apprentice.

Growth achievements
Continent scorer (Gold - Level 4)

Make it into the top 1 of a continent!

Librarian (Gold - Level 4)

Discover 12 unique Skill Books.

Market Guru (Gold - Level 4)

Trade resources using the market 1.000 times.

Accomplished student (Silver - Level 3)

Improve your paladins' skills to a combined total of 100 skill levels.

Paladin's level (Silver - Level 3)

Level up your paladin to level 20.

Recruitment Drive (Silver - Level 3)

Recruit a total of 50.000 units!

Score champion (Silver - Level 3)

Climb the rankings tables and reach 100.000 points.

Top scorer (Silver - Level 3)

Make it into the top 20 in the world.

Architect (Bronze - Level 2)

Build a total of 150 building levels!

Band of Brothers (Bronze - Level 2)

Have 4 paladins.

Out of time (Bronze - Level 2)

Use the instant complete option 100 times!

Wealth comes in gold (Bronze - Level 2)

Mint 500 gold coins.

Master of Quests (Wood - Level 1)

Complete 40 quests!

Other achievements
Years of Service (Gold - Level 9)

Play Tribal Wars for 9 years.

Bigger and better (Wood - Level 1)

Upgrade your tribe's stronghold to level 1.

Ancient Forge: Collector of Recipes (Gold - Level 4)

Find 40 unique recipes.

Ancient Forge: Master Smith (Gold - Level 4)

Craft 40 items.

Castle Assault: It Goes Boom!

Lead the Bombardment action gauge when it triggers.

Castle Assault: On the Front Line!

Lead the Assault action gauge when it triggers.

Castle Assault: Row Faster!

Lead the Naval Supply action gauge when it triggers.

Castle Assault: Join the fun! (Silver - Level 3)

Contribute 8.000 medals to help the tribe.

Castle Assault: Siegelord (Silver - Level 3)

Participate in the destruction of 6 castles.

Tribal Wars Wizardry: Hat connoisseur

Acquire ten of the mysterious hats from the Wizard or other players.

Tribal Wars Wizardry: Hat experimenter

Acquire one of the mysterious hats from the Wizard or other players.

Tribal Wars Wizardry: Repeat customer (Wood - Level 1)

Visit the Wizard Emporium 5 times

Achievements on other worlds
World 35

Casual 4

World 46

World 32